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Chemnitz, Germany, autumn 2013.

In a workshop with a more “industrial charm” a handful of absolutely determined climbers form the brand Blocz – simply using a saw, a provisional assembly table and a lot of enthusiasm.The goal is clear: To manufacture climbing wall volumes made of plywood. But it was our aspiration all along to compete not necessarily by being the cheapest on the market but by offering outstanding quality as well as durability and by paying attention to all those small details. And our success confirms that our customers highly value persuasive quality at a fair price.


Do you already know our line of climbing holds and climbing volumes shaped by local climbing legend Robert Leistner? This range will expand with many fresh forms and shapes during the next couple of months. Our holds do not only have their unique shapes but they are made of the unmatched Blocz-PU – our own development and casted here in Chemnitz, Germany.Meanwhile, our supply isn’t just for the region’s or German climbers any more but wherever there is indoor climbing and bouldering in Europe and the world, And so we keep moving on, supported by our deep connection with our favorite sport and the climbing scene. We at Blocz volumes will supply everything you need to make the climbing or bouldering experience so unique.


download the latest Blocz catalogue http://www.blocz.de/en/downloads.html?file=files/dokumente/Blocz%20Catalogue%2007_2017.pdf

If you would like more information on the Blocz product line contact us at Dark Ventures.