Blocz Volumes and Holds

Chemnitz, Germany, autumn 2013.

In a workshop with a more “industrial charm” a handful of absolutely determined climbers form the brand Blocz – simply using a saw, a provisional assembly table and a lot of enthusiasm.

The goal is clear: To manufacture climbing wall volumes made of plywood. But it was our aspiration all along to compete not necessarily by being the cheapest on the market but by offering outstanding quality as well as durability and by paying attention to all those small details. And our success confirms that our customers highly value persuasive quality at a fair price.

Not only the number of our employees quadrupled since – our overall supply and it’s distribution grew accordingly.

From fairly few types of volumes our line of products grew to almost 60 models to this day. Additionally, we offer three different setting options for almost all of our volumes and there can be no doubt about their durability. And we supply a great diversity of opportunities to customize your volumes to your individual demands.

But wait. There’s more!

Do you already know our line of climbing holds shaped by local climbing legend Robert Leistner? This range will expand with many fresh forms and shapes during the next couple of months. Our holds do not only have their unique shapes but they are made of the unmatched Blocz-PU – our own development and casted here in Chemnitz, Germany.

Meanwhile, our supply isn’t just for the region’s or German climbers any more. Wherever there is indoor climbing and bouldering in Europe and the world, we and our distributers do our very best to push the sport, the scene and the experience a little further.

And so we keep moving on, supported by our deep connection with our favorite sport and the climbing scene. We at Blocz will supply everything you need to make the climbing or bouldering experience so unique.

Your Blocz-Team

Blocz Holds and Volumes Catalogue

Technical Info and Safety


All Blocz volumes are made with 18mm, 13 layer, high-quality birch plywood. Birch is used because it provides the perfect balance between strength and elasticity. In addition, birch is a fast-growing tree making it an environmentally friendly choice. Since the volumes are made entirely of plywood, installing screw-on holds is a cinch.



Blocz texture is one of a kind. It’s not paint and it’s not truck bed liner, it’s our own special Blocz texture. Blocz texture is best described as having a similar texture to climbing holds, except that it is somewhat water absorbent, which helps keep it from becoming greasy or sweaty like it does with paint. The texture is made up of three rock-hard layers that are ultra-durable and can even withstand the abuse of a power washer without any effect on the texture or color. The texture can be produced in any one of our 27 standard colors or any custom color you want.



All our volumes have bomber T-nuts installed with 2 set screws. Our volumes have about twice as many T-nuts as most competitors to allow for more flexibility and creativity in route setting.


Easy to clean

Blocz volumes can easily be cleaned with a power washer or by scrubbing away any chalk or shoe rubber without damaging the Blocz texture.


Screw-on & Bolt-on

All volumes can be screwed on around the edge of the volume. All screw placements are pre-drilled and reinforced with special metal screw washers. You can use either countersunk screws or pan-head screws to attach the volume. Having this screw-on option allows you to put the volume exactly where you need it if a T-nut isn’t available. These screw-on spots also allow you to easily install set screws that are needed to prevent a larger volume from spinning.

Most of the volumes can also be bolted on from the outside of the volume, no baseplate required. This allows setters to easily add and remove volumes to and from any wall with T-nuts. Bolt-on volumes also allow us to provide larger volumes without the charge for a baseplate. The bolt-on spot is reinforced with a washer and layer of extra resin under the wood.