Bluepill Volumes and Holds


Bluepill wood volumes are characterized by their asymmetry. Thus, the volumes can be individually adapted to the climbing route or boulder. We offer each of the basic shapes in two different depths.

Hereby routes and boulders are getting a whole new look and are visually more attractive. The different height, width and asymmetry allow an optimal and variable route setting. For larger volumes we offer an optional rear backup of the volume to get a safer route setting and climbing.


Bluepill climbing holds are made for everyone. The areas of application are unlimited: You can use them for kids boulders or routes, therapy purposes as well as for national and international competitions. Last but not least they are perfect for the setting of routes for casual climbing in the climbing gym

Bluepill climbing holds will be available in polyester and partly in PU in a big variety of colors.


Every hold starts with an idea.
We want to create something unique, something special, something what creates emotions while climbing.
It's not always easy to clear your mind and stay focused while working. We all know that. But it's like your climbing project - with patience and passion you'll master it.


Once the idea is in our heads, we want to get it out of it. So let's get physical.
The base is a block of foam which we choose wisely based on its density, which allows us to shape all the tiny details we want to realize.
Also tricky is to choose the right tool for shaping. A wrong cut or by removing just a tip to much material the work is ruined and we have to start again.
After days or even weeks we come up with a new hold which fulfills all aspects and our high standards we have.


Is the prototype finished we start producing holds. We make a silicon negative of the hold an produce the first of its kind. This first one is called ``the master`` and only used for making more negatives.
Than more holds are following and sold all over the world.
After a genius route setter set the climbing route or boulder, everyone can enjoy climbing on bluepill holds.

Bluepill Catalogue

Bluepill Safety Data Sheet