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Rhino Skin Solutions focuses intently on skin health. Through a combination of essential oils, antiperspirants and hydrating supplements, Rhino’s line of products helps athletes perform at their highest level. Tested by endurance athletes, alpinists, yogis, rock climbers, and cyclists, Rhino Skin Solutions has proven itself time and again to speed recovery and extend performance. Our products work and our labels sell.  

Rhino Skin Solutions Product Line:  

  Rhino RepairTM  Repair | Recovery | Maintenance  Designed with essential oils and nutrients, Rhino Repair Cream supports connective tissue health and durability through a non-greasy moisturizer.  

Active Ingredients
  Magnesium: Tendon and Connective Tissue Health 

Honey: Antibacterial, Moisturizer
Menthol: Pain Relief
Willow Bark: Anti-inflammatory  

Salicylic Acid: Skin Regeneration  

Directions: Wash and dry hands immediately after climbing.
Apply pea sized amount to hands and rub in until absorbed.  Reapply as necessary.  

Rhino PerformanceTM  Antiperspirant | Durability | Elasticity Dry hands with no cracks or splits.  This moisturizing anti-perspirant is formulated for daily use.  

  Whether you are on a climbing road trip or a hut-to-hut ski tour, long-term dry hands or feet are what you need. Rhino Performance is a non-aluminum  antiperspirant combined with a light non-greasy moisturizer to make a safe and effective solution for sweaty hands and feet. Rhino Performance sets itself apart from other products like Antihydral by being specially formulated with the same active ingredient but with a lower concentration to help prevent splits and cracks those other products can cause.  Rhino Performance has been specially formulated to maintain a constant level of dryness. No more dealing with peaks and troughs like other products. Rhino Performance is made to use daily for up to 3 weeks to help you maintain dry pliable healthy skin.  No more avoiding creases or cuts. No more wearing gloved while you sleep. No need to wash product off. Apply, let dry, drink beer.  

 Wash hands before application
Apply pea-sized amount to hands or feet 6-8 hours before activity.
Rub product in until fully absorbed.
Multiple uses will increase effectiveness.
After initial application, apply product 1-3 times a week for maintenance. Effects may last up to 4 days after use.  

  Active Ingredients:  Methenamine: Non-Aluminum Antiperspirant* 

Menthol: Pain Relief
Willow Bark: Anti-inflammatory  
 Grape Seed Oil: Skin Health and Elasticity  

  Rhino DryTM  Non-Aluminum Antiperspirant Antibacterial | Antifungal  Full Strength and Safe! This formula has been found to be a safe  and effective long term antiperspirant. Dry is formulated to inhibit sweat in boots and gloves which leads to warmer hands and feet and less blisters.  Dry is also a great tool for sending your project on the rock or playing your best foosball game ever. With the perfect concentration of antiperspirant Dry can be used without worry of damaging your skin. Unlike Antihydral there is no need to worry about getting this product in creases or cuts. Unlike other products, you can spray on and leave on Rhino Dry.  Directions: Apply 6-12 hours before activity
Spray on clean hands or feet until area is wet.
Rub in or let dry.
Antiperspirant will last up to 4 days after application 

 Active Ingredients:  Methenamine: Antiperspirant | Antifungal | Antibacterial* 

Alcohol: Degreaser  

RHINO SPIT Is a Skin hydration tool designed for those with overly dry hands that tend to glass off to dry fire off holds.

RHINO SPIT is a non greasy, Aloe based spray that is quick to absorb. 

Apply RHINO SPIT just minutes before climbing rest assured that your skin will be pliable, durable and flexible. RHINO SPIT helps prevent crease plots and glassy skin.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Aloe, water, lemon juice, honey, lavender, sunflower lecithin, xanthem gum.

TIP JUICE Is Rhino's strongest antiperspirant. Apply only to the pads of your fingers using the roll on applicator.

Apply 8 hours before climbing, 1-2 times per week to increase tip durability on sharp crimps. Over use may cause cracked or split skin.

INGREDIENTS Water, aloe, vitamin E arnica, Methanamine, calendula flower, emulsifiers

RECOVER RHINO RECOVER is our most nutrient packed product yet! with a long list of earth grown ingredients including arnica, turmeric, ginger, life every last flower, black pepper and capsicum and more combine to provide a warming massage cream that helps your muscles and joints recover. Made with whole flowers and essential oils.

APPLY RECOVER to sore muscles and joints, massage area while the cream is absorbed. 

INGREDIENTS Water, grape seed oil, stearic acid vegetable based, arnica, chamomile, helichrysum flower, dimethicone, dragons blood, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon leaf oil, frankincense, clove oil, black pepper oil, capsicum oil willow bark.

These products are packed with natural ingredients, some variation in smell and color will occur.  There may be some plant matter in the products.  This does not change the effectiveness of the product.
Please keep product out of hot cars or freezing luggage.  We do not put synthetic emulsifiers in our products so some care is needed. 
*Ingredients and claims have not been approved by the FDA. Over Use/misuse of the antiperspirants may cause skin to be overly dry and crack. Please read instructions before use.