Crux Climb / Taco Sanders

The History of Crux Climb / Taco Sanders

"Think Big, Start Small"

One day out of so many climbing in La Pedriza, Guille and Olmo began to imagine what the idea of ​​not only enjoying climbing in their free time would be like, but of living creating the material that they and the rest of the community enjoyed so much. climber, to take a step in their lives to create something that unites their passion, vision and values.

The fantasy began to be recurrent, to the point that they began to talk about what would be the product with which the adventure should begin. At this moment they decided to talk to Pedro and Carlos to form a team and find out if their dream would have a place, thus starting the project.

United as a team we considered many options and studied which ones were within our reach, and we launched ourselves into the mountain to find out the opinion of the climbers. Thus , we verified that one of the least attended needs was hand care, and one of the key elements to change this was the file .

Finding that there were hardly any files designed around the demands of climbers, we created a few prototypes and spoke again with climbers from different disciplines.

After many modifications we created a file adapted to the demands of climbing, and the opinions of our clients showed us that we were capable of adding value and doing it in a different way.

Probably one day you will meet us in a crag, at the foot of the route or making a block , since in addition to climbing, we are always researching to improve our products by focusing on the problems of climbers like you. If you want to tell us any idea, we will be happy to listen to you.