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Who are they?

Unparallel were founded in 2017 by former Five Ten development and production boss, Sang Lee. Lee, amidst Five Ten’s Adidas takeover and ensuing switch to Chinese production, took over and restored Five Ten’s discarded Redlands, California shoe manufacturing base. Here, he assembled an A-list team of ex-Five Ten climbing shoe gurus, with over 20 years of experience, to conceive - at the time of writing - the newest name on the climbing shoe market, Unparallel.

What are Unparallel best known for?

Since their inception, Unparallel have designed and released an enticing line-up of climbing shoe models. Initially reinvigorating some of the Five Ten classics, Unparallel have developed this lineage into an ever-evolving range of shoes with a unique design and identity. Unparallel shoes fit almost identically to the original Five Ten shoes, typically lower volume and slightly narrower through the forefoot; so, die hard Five Ten fans should slip seamlessly into the latest Unparallel models.

Where are Unparallel products made?

Unparallel make all their rock shoes in their Californian factory, while the brand's bike shoes are manufactured at its factory in Busan, South Korea. Unparellel develops its rubbers for both shoe lines in-house in California.

Environmental action

Crafting their shoes out of entirely synthetic materials, Unparallel have ensured their shoe range isn’t just home and handmade but animal and environment friendly too. A bonus of shoes made from vegan/synthetic materials is that they won’t stretch too much, this should mean Unparallel shoes last longer and won’t need to be replaced as often.

What sets Unparallel apart?

20 years of experience, Five Ten genealogy and a fresh, athlete driven take on the modern climbing shoe have made Unparallel an overwhelming success since their 2017 inception. With their popularity growing exponentially, the future looks bright.