Wave Massage Tools

Wave Massage Tool

Wave Tools was formed by Physical Therapists and mountain guides who were inspired to develop innovative, superior physical therapy tools. After working with a variety of other Gua Sha and IASTM tools on the market, it became apparent there was a need for a more ergonomic, three dimensional, versatile, and effective tool that both the professional physical therapist and the individual could use to address injury and pain. Thus the Wave Tool -the Ultimate Soft Tissue Release Tool- was born.

It began as a home-grown project: Initially moulded out of clay, casted out of plaster, and then prototyped. After years of reworking and field testing, Wave Tools came up with the best balance of size, form and function, as well as durability and cost effectiveness.

The All-in-one IASTM Tool

The Wave ultimate soft tissue release tool was designed to be the most effective, affordable an ergonomic multi tool for tissue wellness. It addresses myofascial restrictions, adhesions, scar tissue, neural restriction and muscle tension all in a package that can fit in your pocket!