Tension Shallow Pinch

Tension Shallow Pinch

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    The Shallow Pinch (Wide) is the perfect wide crimp-pinch trainer and a staff favorite (Narrow) is the perfect narrow crimp-pinch trainer. Versatile at all angles, this hold demands accuracy and finger strength. (Egg) is the most difficult crimp-pinch we make. Demanding at all angles. Not for the faint-of-heart or the weak-of-fingers.

    Hardware: Button Head Bolt (not included)
    Set screw recommended.
    Screw-on compatible.

    Egg: D: .75” W: 2.25” H: 4.5” Wood : Cherry

    Wide: D: .75” W: 3.25” H: 4.5” Wood : Cherry  
    Shallow: D: .75” W: 2.25” H: 4.5” Wood : Cherry


    Product Code : SHPE

    Weight : 0.045kg

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