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Unparallel Leopard 2019 model

Unparallel Leopard 2019 model

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    This is a discontinued model, all are brand new.

    Constructed with an unlined synthetic upper the Leopard has been designed to fit right out of the box with minimal stretch ensuring a long-lasting fit. The Leopard features 2.0mm VD rubber in the front of the shoe, for unrivaled sensitivity on tiny edges, smears, and microscopic nubbins, while the heel has been wrapped in RS rubber that locks into heel hooks. 

    The Unparallel Leopard climbing shoes have a downturned profile which encourages your toes into a hooked position for driving power directly to the toe. The V-shaped Velcro strap combines the precision tightening of laces with the ease of Velcro. This style and fit establishes the Leopard as a high-performance shoe

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