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Unparallel climbing and Mountain Bike Shoes


UP climbing and mountain bike shoes are produced at the Redlands UP factory. in the USA.  They  have over 20 years of shoes manufacturing experience and are equipped with a high friction rubber compound that is fully engineered and processed in California. Unparallel (UP) climbing and mountain bike shoes came into being last year, and despite the brand’s youth, its quick rise to power should come as no surprise taking into account who’s behind the southern-California-based upstart.

Unparallel shoes was started by Sang Lee in 2017. Close friends with the founder of Five Ten, Lee handled development and production of Five Ten climbing and mountain bike shoes up until Adidas closed the Five Ten Redlands outlet in 2017 and ceased partnership with Lee’s Fullerton-based factory. After parting ways with Five Ten, Lee started UP and brought along former employees for production in California and for new a UP gym in Redlands.

Climbing  Shoes – UP climbing shoes are designed for better performance to ensure that your climbing experiences are better than you’ve had before. The Unparallel climbing shoe range is complete from the comfy gym shoe to the super technical down turned shoe with different compound and thicknesses of super sticky rubber.

Mountain Biking Shoes– UP MTB shoes are built for strength, grip, comfort, style, and function. These shoes can endure anything while riding a bike equipped with high sticky UP rubber outsole.

Our MTB shoes are designed by experienced MTB riders so that your biking experience will be unparalleled. Unparallel makes a few different shoes, the West Ridge being the more freeride/dirt jump-oriented offering. And UP actually changes rubber compounds and sole stiffness for each shoe to achieve different levels of grip. The West Ridge is a “medium soft” stiffness with 58-63 durometer rubber at 4.2 millimeters thick, while the Dust Up, the low-top, all-mountain shoe, is a “medium” stiffness with a softer (and even grippier) 48-50 durometer rubber and a 3.5-millimeter thick sole. That’s a lot of numbers, but the point is that UP has adjusted how each shoe feels to suit each intended use.


Footwear Warranty

Footwear Warranty

Your purchase satisfaction is important to us, that’s why all Unparallel Sports footwear purchases are covered by a limited one-year warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. Issues of size or damage due to normal wear-and-tear, abuse or accidents are not covered by this warranty.

Except as expressly stipulated, Unparallel Sports footwear disclaims any and all warranties, express and implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.

If you think you have an issue covered by our warranty, please take your shoes to the Unparallel Sports designated retailer where they were purchased for a review and evaluation. This is the most efficient approach for proper handling of your warranty claim.

In the event you cannot return your footwear to the retailer where they were purchased, we can review your footwear directly for your warranty claim. Please complete the Exchange, Replacement & Return Form and return it, with your shoes, to the following address Unit 8, Clarence Industrial Estate, Eastside Road, Chesterfield S41 9AT and we will contact you as quickly as possible:

Footwear Returns and Exchanges

Dark Ventures Perfect Fit Promise, are you disappointed in your purchase due to having ordered the wrong size or they do not fit quite right. Exchange your shoes (in new condition), within 30 days of purchase and we willI post the new pair of shoes free of charge, this is our Perfect Fit Promise. If you have purchased your shoes through the Dark Ventures website, simply complete the Exchange and Returns Form and return it, along with your shoes (in new condition) to the following address: Unit 8, Clarence Industrial Estate, Eastside Road, Chesterfield S41 9AT and we will change or credit your purchase once we have processed your return.

In the event that the requested size is not available, we will proceed to the refund.  We will not refund your return postage costs, however for the first exchange we will send out the items postage free you are responsible for the cost of all returns and exchanges unless restricted by mandatory consumer law (e.g. if you have received the wrong product).

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